Mission and Objectives

Entitled “A China Story: Forum on Sustainable Development and Governance”, this one-day Forum will summarize how a country can seize the opportunities of the time while capitalizing on its unique strengths and advantages to answer the needs of its people while creating new foundations for future growth. This case study of modern China will comprise a series of presentations to drive home the reality that sustainable growth involves a delicate balancing act that takes into account multiple competing forces and needs. It will serve as a platform to depict the economic, political, social, environmental and cultural development of China in the past 30 years.

Above all, the Forum represents the dedication and effort of this Chinese think tank, the China Energy Fund Committee, to provide a novel foundation and a renewed perspective for all stakeholders to move forward with the preparations for a post-2015 UN development agenda that is responsive to both today’s and tomorrow’s global challenges, and therefore worthy of the aspirations of all countries and peoples for a better future.

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